Collapsible Space Saving Laundry Basket


86951846571212p__1This Space Saving Laundry Basket will make doing laundry a breeze. Lightweight and sturdy, the rubber handles make carrying a load easy. Ventilated to prevent smells, this large basket holds about 2 full loads of laundry.






Part of the Laundry Solutions & Organizing Collection  86951846571212p__4

Available at Bed Bath & Beyond Stores in three (3) colors ~ Grey/White, Pool Blue/Black & Pool Blue/White @ $19.99 each.

“The perfect space saver solution for small college dorm rooms, where adequate storage space if often an issue !”


*For Free shipping on orders over $29.99 visit:


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  1. This looks too good to be true! I might have to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond. Do they come in the square shape? I’ll have to check. I like the smaller size.

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    1. I believe that they only come in the size& shape shown in the picture which is a tad bit smaller than an average size basket & it’s ~ guess what? Collapsible. 🙂 bedbath&

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